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Replacing Lost or Stolen Passport

4 days for Passport Issue – Don’t panic !!

Losing or having your passport stolen can be a very distressing experience, but if you keep your head and follow the instructions below you could get a full passport issued and in your hands within 4 days.

It is doubtful that it can be done any quicker. If you are flying out before 4 days then you have to consider getting an emergency passport from the Malaga Consulate and obtaining a quick passport issue in London. If so, don’t forget to take copies of original documentation as detailed in section 3) below.

Note 1: You cannot fly to the UK on your Spanish Residencia ID card.

Note 2: You could try and fly to UK using the Guardia Civil report but Malaga Consulate have advised that this is more than likely to be rejected before you board the aircraft and you could encounter problems at the UK end.


Whether you are a tourist or resident and have lost or had your passport stolen and are flying to UK in the very near future, you can obtain an Emergency passport from Malaga Consulate. Take in as much documentation as you can IF you have any left to prove you are who you say you are.

However, these emergency passports are one way only. They assume that you will be returning to UK and be there long enough to be able to reapply there for a replacement passport.

If you are not in the UK for long and need to return to Spain after only a few days, then it is best to deal direct with Madrid Consulate.

1) Go to
Click on “passports” on the left and it will open up an information window. Download forms C1 and LSO1 found to the right of the main information section. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this.

2) Print out and complete forms C1 and LSO1.

Note 1: C1 is the application for a new passport. Download the notes as well to ensure you fill all sections correctly. If you make a mistake it will delay passport issue.

(8 pages total) LSO1 is the notification form of lost or stolen passport (2 pages total).

Note 2: The British Consulate will want your physical address for the addressing of the return package, so put this on the C1 form. They are not allowed to use P.O. Box number for return delivery.

3) Enclose the following documentation :

Originals of Birth (and Marriage certificate if you are a married lady, divorcee documentation etc as detailed in form C1).

Note 1: Photocopies of these documents are not accepted.
Photocopy of the police report filed with the Guardia Civil.
Photocopy of stolen passport if you have it.

Note 2: Always hold photocopies of official documentation that can be stolen. It makes the process so much easier and who can remember all the different numbers?
2 passport photos, one certified to be of your likeness by a person who has known you for 2 years or more.

Note 3: Don’t forget this person also has to sign section 11 on the C1 form.

Note 4: You can obtain passport photos from the photo shop which is now in Manilva or from the bar opposite the local police in Estepona. Cost 4.50 Euros for 6 photos.

Note 5: The photos have to have a white background as detailed in C1 form.
Fee : Cheque Bancario (Banker’s draft) for 109 Euros made payable to “The British Consulate or Consulado Britannico”

Note 5: Either language is acceptable.

Note 6: The Consulate will NOT accept an ordinary cheque.

Note 7: This fee is for a standard issue passport. It is not worth getting the 10 year passport at the moment if you are likely to travel to the USA anytime within the next ten years as we will all have to change and apply for Biometric passports to do that soon.

Note 8: Any local bank will issue a Cheque Bancario.

4) Getting the documentation to Madrid asap.

Go to the MRW courier office in Estepona. It is on the Paseo Maritimo Road, on the left near the end of the shops as you go towards Carrefour. If you want them to do a pick-up from your house their is 952 805 700 but it is much easier and quicker to go there personally. Ask for the “servicio urgente”. If you get the package to them by the afternoon they guarantee it arrives at the Consulate by 8.30am the following morning. Cost about 20 Euros as of 11th May 2004.

Note 1: MRW close between 2pm and 4pm for lunch.

Address your package clearly as follows :

Urgent Application for Passport Issue.
Passport Section
Consulado General Británico
Paseo de Recoletos, 7/9
28004 Madrid.

5) Inform the Consulate in Madrid.

Phone the Passport Section in Madrid between the hours of 12pm and 3pm
Tel No. 915249736.
Be patient as it may take a long time to get through Inform them that your passport has been stolen and advise them that your package is coming and who the courier is and of the urgency because you have to travel to the UK in the near future and return to Spain. They are extremely helpful once you get through.
Tell them you want to courier the package back to Manilva.

6) Wait 2 days and phone Madrid again.

Phone the Passport Section again between the hours of 12pm and 3pm. Chances are that your passport will have been printed out by then if you have completed the forms and enclosed the documents above correctly. If not they will inform you when the passport will be ready for collection.

7) Inform MRW passport is ready for collection

Contact MRW in Estepona again.

Give them the following details :

That you want “servicio urgente”
Your name:
Package to be picked up from :

Consulado General Británico
Paseo de Recoletos, 7/9
28004 Madrid

Tel.: 91 524 97 36

They can pick-up the package anytime up to 6pm from the Consulate.

What you want them to do with it i.e. Your address if you want it delivered to your house or pick it up at the MRW office in Estepona.

Note 1: The British Consulate will want your physical address for the addressing of the return package. They are not allowed to use P.O. Box number for delivery.

You pay for the courier service on delivery or pick-up.